Painting on Furniture

Some work refinished and painted with acrylic, others built or repurposed.......

Working on student projects gave me the starting point to consider 3D elements as a part of artwork. This lake cabinet was built from reporposed doors from my childhood cottage, window frames from the doors are also holding prints on Japanese paper, intended to hang on the cabinet or overtop.

The Lake Box

3'w x 4'l x 3'h

The lake project A Sense of Place was built and painted in acrylics as an immersive work, with recorded birdsong at the lake - songbirds, loons, barred owls. The work was situated at Val David's Centre d'Exposition on the top gallery. When approaching it, the paintings are meant to be subdued monotones evoking memory ... but when placing your head inside, you find the bay wrapped from left to right as if you are there on a bright morning, with water and rock, shoreline at your feet. Sounds all about, and a plexi-cover blue sky.

Built for Concordia's Val David Print Exhibition, 2015. 

3D Prints

Work Post-studies

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