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Where did summer go?

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Updated -- This was written earlier this week, but there was more to include --


Today I was working on the computer for much of the day. I had to stop though, when it began to hail! Such a surprise. My head is still in July.

Actually, with that in mind, I should mention recent news about my work accepted into the 2022 Stewart Hall Art Rental Collection. July Paddle, acrylic on canvas, 11x14" has been accepted into the Art Rental, and (I almost fell over when I found out) it will be up for raffle at the end of the opening exhibition starting November 6 - January 9, 2022. Framed, black floater frame. If you sign up to rent or purchase a piece over the exhibition, your name goes in the draw!

The 2022 collection should be up soon.

These are a few earlier works in the series. You'd think we like to paddle!

Other news this week concerns a raffle that is upcoming in Hudson, to raise funds for their local food bank LePont/Bridging for those in need. It is all run through Centre Décor Hudson at 521 rue Main, Hudson (450) 458-5121. Tickets are $2 or 3/$5. It all goes to folks who are struggling.

My donation, occasional 'cabin' table. Legs are bolted on, so are removable. Hand built.

10.5 x 14 x 15" height. Acrylic on pine top, painted en plein air, Bark Lake.

I have sent a few cards, an etching and a sketch, and two sketchbooks to MinaPeach Framing in Windsor, Ontario. They are on display now. Sketchbook cover art by and @kristenneudorf - You can find them on instagram.


It's getting close to Remembrance Day, and we have news about Wendy Lee Paquette's book, A Parade to Remember -- it has been translated into French and the layouts are in the works.

A few other titles are in the works, two concern the history of Montreal in 1901 and sports life Lachine in the 50s, a children's book that embraces the love of books (yet there's no text!) and an illustrated collection aimed for next Spring about living by the water. Many of the pieces within are about growing up at the cottage or by a river. If you think you have something of interest, whether written or illustrative, you are welcome to contact me. Sarah at

Thanks for reading!

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