I have been an active artist since the mid-1980's and have been lucky to have the chance to attend Concordia University's Print Studio classes in Montreal, Qc between 2011 and 2016. I am grateful to have had such fine instructors and TAs, all sharing their love of print in such a fantastic studio setting. There have been some pretty amazing students too, and I am lucky to call some of them my friends. 


My favourite method is intaglio. The processes I have used the most involve etching a copper plate in ferric chloride, accompanied by aquatint, sugar lift or white ground, and working directly on the metal with drypoint, engraving, mezzotint, even dremel tools; as well as digital work on polymer plates developed in a water bath. Traditionally for letterpress and circuitry, they are now able to hold highly detailed information. Soft gradations, hard edge & high contrast, you can create more opportunity for variation through ink choices, layering, number of plates, papers, chin collée. Recently I took a workshop using aluminium plates etched in copper sulfate solution. I am in the midst of setting up an etching station in the corner studio using that method and will also be joining one of the ateliers downtown for more traditional and larger work.



Screenprinting is a friendlier home-studio method, but also popular as a commercial venue for apparel, signs, paper, plastic, metal... versatile and open to possibility. Inks and methods are changing, but the method remains as simple or as complex as the project deserves. An image can be stunning in one pass, it can be a complex build-up of 20 passes. 


My introduction to lithography was through a Master Printer who had printed for Toni Onley for several years. That alone opened my respect for the medium, but it flourished when realizing the textures and patterns obtainable on stone. The rhythm of printing is to me like a dance, everything in it's place. 

I have tinkered with Kitchen Litho at home, printing on aluminium. It is so far hit or miss for me, but an interesting option.

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