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ABOUT Corner Studio

My name is Sarah Robinson, I have been a multidisciplinary artist for several decades and have also worked in graphic arts and publishing. 2020 has been a year of change for many. I decided to stop working for a retail store I loved, in order to begin something that deserves better than a 'one day I'll start...' And so I introduce you to Corner Studio; a mix of graphic and fine arts.

Publishing & Graphic Arts

Are you a writer looking for a platform to publish your work? Corner Studio can work with you to design and shape your manuscript into a finished, press-ready product. It can be printed and shipped to you directly. You are welcome to contact the Studio with any questions you may have.

Are you looking for a graphic designer for publishing, graphic design for work on paper? Posters? Contact me with questions or a project you want created, I'd be happy to work with you.

Visual Arts

Corner Studio is a small space but it creates a platform to express my vision on our environment, natural & man-made. It has evolved as a printing and painting studio, with a Richeson etching press as a printing hub for intaglio, screenprinting, woodcuts, and multidisciplinary work in painting that includes acrylic, casein, watercolour & gouache, encaustic, collage, as well as digital artwork & photography. A multimedia toolbox allows for choice in visual expression.    

I am drawn to woods and meadows, streams, lakes and skies ... and so these are what most easily come to be recreated in paintings and original prints. I also love tinkering with simple furniture designs or repurposing old elements into something that tells a story combined with painting or print.

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