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A Parade to Remember

Wendy Lee Paquette is my first Canadian author to be published through Corner Studio, with a children's book explaining the meaning of Remembrance Day. Her work, A Parade to Remember, is sweetly illustrated by artist, Kim Rumbolt.

When her girls were in early elementary school, Wendy realized there was not much available in the school library that explained the significance of the day. She decided that was a task she would take on herself, and proceeded to write about a young girl's introduction to veterans, Remembrance Day ceremonies, and the poppy. She had the great opportunity upon finding Kim as her illustrator, who has made young Lou Lou and her family approachable for readers everywhere.

Wendy Lee believes in the importance of literacy, having herself learned to read at age 21. Wendy's blog will be up shortly;

Kim has worked as a graphic artist for over 30 years. This is her first illustrated children's book. You can reach her at

A Parade to Remember is a reprint, ©2007 Wendy Lee Paquette.

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