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Exhibiting Spring in Autumn

Well, time seems to fly ever forward, it seems I get myself set to create what's around me & by the time exhibition opportunities move from possibility to established, we're another season or two ahead! So here we have Spring's ever radiant Pink Lady's Slipper in gouache, and Hay Scented Ferns & Bunchberries in acrylic, both to be in the Stewart Hall Gallery's Art Rental Collection for 2023. I am always humbled and pleased to be a part, I grew up in Pointe Claire, attending events at Stewart Hall and their gallery. I never dreamed I'd be a part.

In other news, (and looking further forward) I have signed up to participate in Hudson's Winter Market on Saturday, December 3. More details to come.

I hope to get some etching done on a dozen or so plates the next little while. Some rough plans so far...

Publishing has been more quiet since the book launches earlier in the summer. Things will get rolling again soon.

Here we are still in September (just), lots of work on the go and the cabin still to close up. As today is a day to listen to others' stories and consider them, the National Day of Truth & Reconciliation, I think of our lake up north and how it has changed over the past 120 years. Who walked our shores before that, swam at our favourite places, listened to ravens and geese as we do now. I'd like to think we could have wonderful conversations, I believe we love the same things - the land & beauty surrounding us, our families we hold dear. How to branch what was before to where we are now?

Thanks for reading. Miigwetch.

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