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February shift

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The days do go by in a bit of a blur. What week is it? Aren't we still in January? Well, I guess that is part of working from home, and figuring out new ways to balance the days. They are getting longer, which is encouraging. I love when the sun streams in the studio, we've had a lot of cloudy days the last while.

There are a few things happening in the studio, been some painting lately of course, but also some online encouragement and a few exhibitions to share.

I have 2 works in an online collection, Chalet, with Gallea starting this week.

This Barred Owl, just finished, is a fundraiser for the Technoparc area near Trudeau Airport, to help preserve the land where he and about 5 other owls and raptors live.

Stewart Hall Gallery in Pointe Claire is now able to be open to the public, with the government restrictions being loosened.

The Lending Library is something I am always happy to be a part, this year with our odd circumstances it means all the more.

Coup de pinceaux coup de ciseaux

Fundraiser for mental health

Calm after the Storm

(above) 8x10" acrylic on gallery canvas

In the Narrows

(left) sold - 8x10" acrylic on gallery canvas

Thanks for checking in!

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