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Priests' Point - Acrylic on gallery canvas 12x24" (available)

It's been an odd few months. In March I couldn't paint.

April eased with rough sketches. Still watching too much news.

Here we are August, hot and summery in Quebec. Finally painting.

This one was testing out a different pallette choice, colours I don't look to first.

I prefer to mix from a very limited palette. But this was a good learning curve.

I love the lake we've spent our childhood summers upon. It is a big part of who I am as an artist. We are lucky, more-so with our teetering climate issues, to still have a place that is water access only, that we kayak to for an hour from the landing. It's our 11th season doing it. This painting celebrates part of the journey, in our day and our life journeys. We are blessed.

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Wow! You may work with a limited pallet, but there are no limits in colour in this piece. You have captured the essence of this special place so beautifully. I can almost gage the hour long kayak ride. Incredible! Thank you for sharing you work. Looking forward to more.


Love your colours, Sarah - a beautiful painting with a story to it.

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