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New Books, Art & Teaching

Corner Studio has had a busy winter. Two historically-oriented books, Robert Wilkins' Grandad's Montreal, 1901 and Alan Wright's memoir within the mid-20th-century sports era of the city of Lachine, Competition & Community, the Wright Stuff in the City of Sports will each have an upcoming launch at Librarie Clio in Pointe Claire.

Grandad's Montreal, 1901 - Saturday, June 4, 10 - 2 pm

Competition & Community - will be in July, date to be confirmed

Another book that's in the works is a memoir from Don Houston, with his second offering of Boomer in Kenya that offers a glimpse into newly-married life while spending two years teaching as CUSO volunteers in the 60s. His first book, A Boomer in Lachine, was published by Shoreline in 2020. We are hoping the new book will be going to press soon.

Another item on the calendar to which I am pleased to have been invited, is the print exhibition INKRAG - ENCREGUENILLE to celebrate the month in print - le mois de l'estampe. It is being held at the Bibliothèque et centre d'art de Dunham, the vernissage will be on Saturday, May 7 from 2 - 4 pm. I will not be able to attend, sadly, but have a few small new editions and some prints from Concordia days in Print Media. I am excited to be a part, and hope to find time for etching soon.

The third big item (for me!) is a teaching spot for a 2-day workshop at Stone School Gallery in Portage du Fort, Qc, about 90 minutes west of Ottawa. It is an interesting location, a small town with not just a water feature across from the gallery, but also a hydro dam with a bridge alongside, giving quite a view if you drive across to approach the town from the Ontario side. It will offer a chance to experiment with cellphone photography in Portage du Fort using camera apps like Hipstamatic, clip-on lenses, and transpose the photos directly into prints or use as a starting point for painting, with a bit of plein air painting on the second day, weather permitting, taking place July 18 and 19. Space is limited.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you can have time in your day to create or appreciate some art, both are needed in our days!

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